As a CEO you need to spend time with your customers, set strategic direction and build the business. Financial topics often take a backseat.

Athena CFO supports investors and management of growing companies strategically throughout the company’s life cycle with the following financial needs:

Fundraising strategy & readiness (debt or equity)
Capital & share structure (incl. ESOP)
Reporting (investor or stakeholder)
Cash & profitability improvements
Financial restructuring
and more

We make sure that management puts attention at the right aspects to develop the business, has an action plan in place and measures the progress on it. We also highlight potential problems at an early stage – while they are still manageable.

We offer the following packages:

CFO Circles: Strategic financial insights for busy CEOs.
Part time CFO: Short term or part time CFO engagements
Finance Advisory: Project based financial support
Self-service tools: Investment readiness, financial health check and more (under construction)

Our packages come at affordable rates. They include financial reports, coaching sessions, office hours, access to finance round tables and training and access to peer-to-peer community.

We have also launched a financial round table series on relevant financial topics.

Athena CFO by myidea-campus FZ LLC, UAE